Free radicals are molecular structures lacking one electron. They form naturally within the body as a result of vital processes and play a crucial role in protecting us from various bacteria and viruses by destroying altered cells. The issue arises when body produces a surplus of free radicals. The need to acquire the missing electron force free radicals to constantly attack healthy cells, thus impairing cell and organ functions, which leads to various diseases.

Ionised alkaline water can be used for daily drinking. Being divided into smaller molecular compounds it helps to expose the best qualities of tea, coffee.
It is good to mix with juices, smoothies and other drinks.
Alkaline water helps to get rid of acidic waste in your body and restore acid-alkaline balance in your body.
Specific pH level recommendations are provided here and can have many other uses.

There are plenty of researches and tests performed on animals, which illustrates how animals offered to choose from regular water and ionised alkaline water, most of the time choose the latter. More information is provided here.

So without a doubt it is recommended to give your pet alkaline water as well.

It is recommended to start drinking ionised alkaline water at low levels (between 8.0pH and 8.6pH). Once your body have adjusted to the new antioxidants-enriched water, which is around 1-2 weeks, then you can drink your chosen pH level every day.

Please avoid to take medicines with alkaline ionized water and persons with achlorhydria should avoid to drink alkaline ionized water.

Persons with chronic symptoms or with weakened physical condition should consult their doctor before drinking alkaline ionized water

If you feel abnormal or strange after drinking or if there are no apparent improvement in symptoms despite continued drinking, please terminate drinking the ionised water and consult your doctor.

Due to the quality of ionized, alkaline, micro clustered water and its enhanced hydration capabilities, we do not recommend it use for 30 minutes before and after with prescription or over the counter medications. However, we highly recommend to use it with vitamins, supplements, nutritional powders and other nutraceuticals because of its superior quality and enhanced absorption capabilities.

For children or elderly people, alkaline ionized water with low pH (around pH 8,0 to 8,6) should be used at first, and as they become accustomed to it the pH value may be gradually increased.

The recommended water pH for daily consumption is 8.4-8.8. Based on the recommendations of nutrition specialists, a person’s daily intake of water should be 30 ml of water per kg of weight (for example, a person that weighs 70 kg should drink 2.1 litres of water a day (0.03 l x 70).

It varies from person to person. You might start noticing a positive response in as little as one day or within a few weeks. You can read testimonials of those who already bought Aquator and noticed its positive effect here. Alternatively, if you want to share your experience with us please fill in this form/ email us your name and contact number and we will call you.

ORP is a measure of anti-oxidant power. A negative ORP means that a substance can donate free electrons, making it an antioxidant. A positive ORP means that a substance steals electrons, making it a free radical. The lower ORP level the more anti-oxidant characteristics a substance have. 

The unique characteristic of ionised alkaline water is that it stays ionised only for a limited period of time – approximately 24-36 hours. But it is highly recommended to drink it within 12 hours after ionised water was produced.

It is estimated that membrane partition approximately can last for about 1-2months. It all depends on how often you use the ioniser.

Even if you use ioniser quite rarely we still highly recommend not to exceed 2 months with the same membrane partition.

If you use the ioniser more than 7 times in a week, then it is advised to change it after one month.

In some cases you will have the visual notice of changing the partition, when the ionisation process is over and you try to take out the inner receptacle, but you can see that the water inside is leaking. Then it is a clear sign to change the membrane partition too.

High mineralization of the water causes the need of stronger current in the ioniser, which in turn exclude more heat. This is why water could become warm after ionisation.

Do not worry it is a lime scale. Most of the water from the tap contains some part of it. It is not harmful. You will find it on most of the devices, which use tap water.

You can easily remove lime scale by placing some vinegar on a wipe and scrubbing the cathode with it.

Hard water forms when naturally occurring minerals enter water sources. Over time these minerals are absorbed by groundwater. The two most common types of minerals found in hard water are calcium and magnesium compounds. The result of hard water usually are visible when a lime scale appears on household appliances. Here you can see the map of water hardness in the British Isles.

No. Aquator is distinctive from the other ionizers because of its easy usage. You can start using it immediately after the purchase.

It is necessary to change the membrane partition once within 1-2 months. Your membrane is overused and needs replacing. The process of changing the membrane partition is explained in the user manual, which you received together with ioniser when you purchased.

As recommended you should clean electrodes after each ionisation process, this way it is unlikely that lime scale will appear on the cathode (the light electrode).

After ionisation process it is advised to pour the ionised alkaline and acidic water in the separate containers and keep the parts of ioniser water-free.

After each ionisation please leave the ioniser parts to dry.

If you will keep this in mind and follow other instructionsprovided in the user manual – it is unlikely that you will need to clean some parts of the ioniser additionally.

P.S. It should be commonly understood that if some part becomes dirty because of a reason unrelated to the ionisation process – then it is necessary to clean that part of ioniser.

The warranty of the device is 2 years. However if used properly following all the instructions, the device is known to be fully functional up to 20 years.
If, however, there are some technical problems within 2 years of a purchase, you just need to contact the seller you have purchased your device or call directly to Aquator here.

First of all you should decide whether health benefits offered by water ionizer are the ones that is important and relevant to you. You will find them zmienic>here.  If the answer is positive then you are on the right track.

Now you need to decide if you want to call a plumber, disassemble your kitchen tap and then plug your water ioniser to your tap, or you want to have ionised alkaline anywhere, anytime?

If you choose second option, then you should definitely consider buying Aquator Silver water ioniser.

Aquator Silver water ioniser can produce alkaline, acidic water, which fits all your needs.

It is portable and can be plugged to any electrical outlet, wherever you go.

PLUS! Aquator Silver is the only water ioniser with additional silver water function. Using the same ionisation process, Aquator is able to offer you the water enriched with antibiotic, antibacterial features of silver. More information –zmienic> here.

Absolutely yes! This is one of the best features of Aquator water ionizer. It is portable! You can have a morning glass of alkaline water at home, then bring it to work and give your colleagues to try a fresh and healthy water. After having Aquator ioniser at your work for 5 days you can place it in the trunk of a car and bring it to your summer house. You can have it everywhere you go.

One of the most important features of Auator ionizer is that it has the same capacity as other stationary water ionisers. But unlike them we do not offer to disassemble your kitchen tap or in other way intervene into your carefully cherished kitchen. We offer you choice of having ionised water when you want it and not having it around when you don‘t need it.

Yes you can buy the following parts:
– Membrane partition pack;
– Plate;
– Inner receptacle;
– Main receptacle;
– Silver electrode.

Please add some salt into the water, it increases mineral level of the water and electrolysis is once again available.

Yes, you can ionise Bottled water as long as it is not distilled water. Distilled water has no minerals so electrolysis process is not possible in such water.