Ionized water for flourishing plants

A lot has been said about the health benefits of ionized water so far. Every living being thrives on its life-giving properties. What is true of humans and animals, must also apply to plants. Indeed, not only is ionized water suitable for drinking, it is also great for watering our green friends. Among its advantages are superb cleanliness and purity. Ionised alkaline and acidic water is the purest water there is: it is free of all sorts of pollution, bacteria and chlorine, which could harm the plants. In this regard it is a better choice than tap or any other type of unfiltered water.

Have you ever noticed that vegetation tends to flourish after the rain? This is because rain water is acidic, and plants happen to like it. Experts admit that ionized acidic water is the best kind of water you can give them. If your plants have lost their vitality and are starting to deteriorate, you can bring them back to life by watering them with slightly acidic water. Such water is brimming with acidic minerals and other vital elements that ensure superior nutrition and hydration. Due to these properties, your plants may need less water than usual.

Most plants, including flowers, fruits and vegetables, require soil with an acidic pH, which helps to break down organic minerals. Besides, these nutrients should come in liquid form, so that the plant can absorb them. Slightly acidic water produced by your domestic water ionizer will help boost the growth of whatever cultures you have in your garden or home.

  • By using ionized acidic water, gardeners can achieve incredible results: plant seeds germinate faster, vegetable sprouts, bulbs, tubers and seedlings establish and take root better than before.
  • Good news for houseplant keepers: ionized acidic water stimulates the formation of inflorescence, boosts blooming and revitalizes drooping plants.

Tips for better blooming and growth

If someone brings you a fine bouquet of fresh flowers, dip their stems into ionised acidic water and they will bloom longer.

If your pot plants at home or at work are wilting and looking a bit lacklustre, don’t rush to throw them out. Water them once with strong acidic water (pH=2.5-3.5) and then twice with strong alkaline water. Afterwards proceed with regular water, as indicated in the instructions. You’ll be surprised to see your flowers recover.

As a preventive measure, we advise watering healthy plants with slightly alkaline water (pH=7.5-8.5), but no more frequently than once a week. Use regular water in the interim.

Extermination of blight and other minor infestations

Spray infestations with strong acidic water (pH=2.5). The pathogens or parasites will perish or leave. Their eggs will perish too.

Crop disinfection

Strong acidic water (pH=2.5-3.0) is a natural disinfectant. It is commonly used in agriculture because it can kill bugs, bacteria, fungi, viruses and mould. Some farmers use it as safe alternative to toxic chemicals for spraying crops.