The benefits of alkaline water to human health are obvious: antioxidant activity, pH balance, surplus energy, better nutrient absorption and enhanced metabolism, among many others. Why should it be otherwise with our beloved pets – our dogs and cats? Both human beings and canine as well as feline pets are mammals and essentially have the same bodily structure. Our adult bodies contain a similar amount of water – up to 70%. The regular intake of fresh water is key to our survival and good health. The truth is that we need plenty of it!

Most veterinarians agree that pets benefit from higher quality drinking water as much as we do. Water is a source of vital nutrients, including antioxidants and minerals. Alkaline ionised water contains an abundance of ionized minerals and antioxidants. Its specific chemical structure makes them easier to absorb. Due to smaller molecular formations, known as micro-clusters, ionised alkaline water penetrates tissues more easily than regular water, providing more hydration to the cells and eliminating the toxins that have accumulated in the intestine down to its deepest recesses.

Alkalized water: detox for animals

Why not? Canine and feline pets do have metabolic systems similar to ours. Their cells produce acidic waste as a result of their vital activity. Besides, their diet is far from perfect: most foods we buy from pet stores don’t meet the nutritional standards we ourselves would prefer. Although supposedly balanced to fulfil the daily nutritional needs of cats and dogs, they contain unnecessary and even harmful additives, not to speak of the fact that they lose the essential quality of freshness (“aliveness”), which is true of canned (processed) foods in general. 

 This contributes to the acidification of the body’s internal environment and leads to the same health challenges we humans face. Alkaline ionised water helps flush out the acidic waste accumulated in your pet’s system. Note that cats and dogs are natural carnivores and have highly acidic stomachs required for the digestion of meat. Extra alkaline minerals, present in ionised water, such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, help neutralise gastric acid and balance their metabolic system.

A source of vitality and health

The inclusion of healthy water in your pet’s diet on a regular basis will enhance their appearance and health. Your little animal friend will become more cheerful and energetic. You’ll also notice an obvious change in how they look: their eyes will begin to sparkle, and their coat will become thick, soft and lustrous. This positive effect is likely to take place in two to three months and can be maintained as long as you keep giving them this type of water.

Ionised alkaline water will also benefit many of the disorders that pets face: skin and coat problems, allergies, arthritis, joint pain, etc.

If your cat or dog suffers from alopecia (hair loss) and dry or itchy skin, try putting them on an alkaline diet. Don’t give them high alkaline water right from the beginning. Start with medium alkalinity (8.5-9.0 pH) and continue for about a week. If everything goes well, you can increase the alkalinity to 9.5 pH and treat them with the alkalized water until their condition improves.

It is no secret that elderly animals, like people, frequently suffer from joint conditions associated with arthritis. Alkaline water lubricates joints and helps maintain the health of cartilage, which functions as a shock-absorber in the joints, thus preventing the loss of mobility.

Nowadays, pet allergies are increasingly more frequent, as they are among people. The major factor behind this trend is pet food that contains large amounts of unnecessary ingredients, such as corn and corn products. So-called food allergies may cause a number of skin and fur conditions, sugar highs, etc. There is evidence that ionised alkaline water may help alleviate these allergies.

Tips for using alkalized water

  • Never give your pet ionized alkaline water with their meals.The higher pH level in the water will neutralize the stomach acids required for food digestion. Better wait for an hour or so.
  • If your pet takes any type of medication, don’t give them ionized water within about an hour of taking the medicine. Due to its chemical structure, ionized alkaline water will accelerate its absorption, thus interfering with its intended absorption rate.